Railways Technical Ability Vibration Analysis Question Bank Vibration Analysis

  • question_answer The least radius of gyration of a ship is 9 m and the metacentric height is 750 mm. The time period of oscillation of the ship is:

    A) 42.41 s             

    B) 75.4 s

    C) 20.85 s             

    D) 85 s

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    The period of oscillation, \[T=2\pi {{\left[ \frac{{{\left( Radius\text{ }of\text{ }gyration \right)}^{2}}}{metacentric\text{ }height\times g} \right]}^{1/2}}\] \[=2\pi {{\left[ \frac{{{9}^{2}}}{0.75\times 0.81} \right]}^{1/2}}=20.85s\]

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