4th Class English Vocabulary Question Bank Vocabulary

  • question_answer Choose the correct options to match the following sentences.
    List- I List-II
    A. Pole is perhaps the most famous 1. as well as clowns and games to entertain the children.
    B. I know the tune to that song, 2. when the band appeared on stage.
    C. The festival featured number of musical performances, 3. but I don't know the words.
    D. The   audience   applauded wildly 4. soccer player in the history of the sport.

    A) A-1     B-2      C-3      D-4

    B) A-2      B-3      C-4      D-1

    C) A-3      B-4      C-1     D-2

    D) A-4      B-3      C-1      D-2

    Correct Answer:


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