5th Class English Vocabulary Question Bank Vocabulary

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    Directions (Qs. 41 to 45): Read the passage and answer the following questions. Rain has always been important to people. Without rain, crops cannot grow and if that happens, people may go hungry. Too much rain can cause flooding. In some places, people welcome this. When the floods go down, the river valley is covered with thick mud or silt, which is good for growing crops. Many villages and towns have sprung up along the banks of rivers such as the Ganges in India. Flood can also be very dangerous. In 1993, heavy rains caused the Mississippi river in the United States of America to flood. It caused damage to crops and thousands of people had to be moved to higher ground. Very heavy rain over a short period can cause a flash flood. Such a flood can cause the drains and canals to overflow and traffic to come to a standstill. It can also cause landslides, endangering people and their homes. Too little rain can be bad too. The biggest desert in the world, the Sahara in Africa, is growing larger every year because of a shortage of rain. The Sahara Desert is growing larger each year partly because _______ .

    A) the sun is getting hotter and hotter

    B) its area is too sunny

    C) there is very little rain

    D) too many trees have been cut down

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    there is very little rain

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