5th Class English Vocabulary Question Bank Vocabulary

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    Directions: Read the passage and answer the following questions Ronald Ross was a British doctor who was born in India in 1857. He spent a great deal of time tracing the cause of malaria. It was a disease contracted by people mainly in tropical countries. In the beginning, he did not realise that this disease was caused by a mosquito. This disease made people shiver and feverish. There was no cure for this sickness, but when the local people chewed the bark of the Cinchona tree, they got better. It was Ronald Ross whose patient research enabled him to discover that the culprit was the female Anopheles mosquito. Soon, chemicals were sprayed on the swamps to kill the mosquitoes and stop them from breeding. When a mosquito bites a person who has malaria, it takes in his germs. When the mosquito bites another person, the germs are transferred to the blood of this victim. This is how the disease spreads. In recognition of his hard work, Ronald Ross was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1902 and a knighthood in 1911. He became Sir Ronald Ross. It was Ronald Ross who discovered _______ .

    A) the disease malaria

    B)          the cure for malaria

    C) that the female Anopheles mosquito caused malaria

    D) chemicals used to kill mosquitoes

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    that the female Anopheles mosquito caused malaria

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