4th Class English Vocabulary Question Bank Vocabulary

  • question_answer Read the following passage and write down the pairs of antonyms that you find in it. One has been done for you. Once when King Alphanso was going on a horse, he saw a cart stuck in a loose mud. The mule-driver was trying hard to pull it out, but failed. The king got down from his horse and went to help the mule driver. Both of them pulled and pushed until they succeeded in removing it from the puddle and getting the mule on firm ground. It was no easy job and both of them were soiled with mud. A number of people collected by this time and they stood watching. As the king dusted himself and sat on his horse, the driver recognized the king and begged for forgiveness. The king told him that he had done his duty as a man. He may be a king but as a man he should help those who are in difficulty. Example: LOOSE- hard STOOD

    A) mat                 

    B)          fat            

    C) pat                              

    D) sat

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :



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