7th Class Science Wastewater Story Question Bank Wastewater Story

  • question_answer DIRECTIONS: Match Column-I with column II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the columns.
    Column-I Column-II
    (A) Pesticides, herbicides, fruits and vegetable waste etc. (p) Inorganic waste in waste water
    (B) Nitrates, Phosphates, metals etc. (q) Organic waste in waste water
    (C) Nitrogen, Phosphorus (r) Nutrients in waste water
    (D) Cholera causing bacteria (s) Bacteria in waste water

    A) A®(p); B® (q); C® (r); D® (s)

    B) A®(q); B ® (p); C ® (r); D ® (s)

    C) A®(q); B®(p); C® (s); D®(r)

    D) A®(p); B®(q); C®(s); D®(r)

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    A®(q); B ® (p); C ® (r); D ® (s)


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