12th Class Biology Sample Paper Biology - Sample Paper-13

  • question_answer How does industrial melanism support the concept of evolution by natural selection? Justify.


    In England, prior to industrialisation the tree trunks were covered with white lichens, and therefore, white moths could survive and were protected from the predators due to their white colour, whereas black moths were dark winged. They could be easily identified due to dark colour and thus declined in number. But as industrialisation progressed, the lichens were replaced by soot and dust particles and dark coloured moths were benefitted due to camouflage, while white winged moths could be easily eaten up by the predators because they were easily identifiable. Thus, only the dark winged moth who were able to fit and survive in conditions reproduced well in nature. This is how natural selection operates in nature. Only those organisms are able to perpetuate who can survive and adapt in the changing environment.


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