CLAT Sample Paper CLAT Sample Paper-10

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    Direction: Read the following code language carefully and answer the questions.
    (i) 'pit na sa' means 'you are welcome'.
    (ii) 'na ho pa la' means 'they are very good'.
    (iii) 'ka da la' means 'who is good'.
    (iv) 'od ho pit la' means 'they welcome good people'.
    Which of the following means 'people' in that code language?

    A)  ho                   

    B)         pit                   

    C)         la                    

    D)         od                                           

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    pit na sa \[\to \] you are welcome na ho pa la \[\to \] they are very good na \[\to \] are ka da la -> who is good la \[\to \] good od ho pit la \[\to \] they welcome good people pit \[\to \] welcome people \[\to \] od

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