CLAT Sample Paper CLAT Sample Paper-10

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    By walking at \[\frac{3}{4}\]th of his usual speed, a man reaches office 20 min later than usual. His usual time is

    A)  65 mm                        

    B)  60 mm

    C)         70 mm            

    D)         None of these   

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Here, change in time = 20 and \[\frac{a}{b}=\frac{3}{4}\] We have, change in time \[=\,\left( \frac{b}{a}-a \right)\times \] Original time \[\therefore \]      Original time \[=\frac{\text{Charge}\,\text{in}\,\text{time}}{\left( \frac{b}{a}-1 \right)}\]  \[=\frac{20}{\left( \frac{4}{3}-1 \right)}=60\,\min \]

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