CLAT Sample Paper CLAT Sample Paper-7

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    Directions: Read the following Information carefully and answer the questions that follow.
    The staff of a bank are Mr A, Mr B, Mrs C, Miss D, Mr E and Miss F. The positions they occupy are manager, assistant manager, cashier, steno, teller and a clerk, though not necessarily in that order. The assistant manager is manager's grandson, cashier is steno's son-in-law Mr A is bachel or Miss D is Teller's step sister and Mr E is manager's neighbours. Mr B cannot have a grandson or son-in-law as he is only 20 yr old.

    Who is the cashier?

    A)  Either Mr A or Mr B

    B)  Miss F

    C)  Mr A             

    D)  None of these

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Manager Asst. Manager Cashier Steno Clerk Teller
    Mr A \[\times \] Ö \[\times \] \[\times \] \[\times \] \[\times \]
    Mr B \[\times \] \[\times \] Ö \[\times \] \[\times \] \[\times \]
    Mrs C Ö \[\times \] \[\times \] \[\times \] \[\times \] \[\times \]
    Miss D \[\times \] \[\times \] \[\times \] \[\times \] Ö \[\times \]
    Mr E \[\times \] \[\times \] \[\times \] Ö \[\times \] \[\times \]
    Miss F \[\times \] \[\times \] \[\times \] \[\times \] \[\times \] Ö

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