CLAT Sample Paper CLAT Sample Paper-7

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    Match the following
    List I (Hydro Projects) List II (States)
    A. Tawang-II 1. Uttarakhand
    B. Teesta-IV 2. Himachal Pradesh
    C. Luhri 3. Sikkim
    D. Vishnugad 4. Arunachal Pradesh

    A)  A-4 B-3 C-2 D-1      

    B)  A-3 B-4 C-2 D-1

    C)  A-1 B-2 C-3 D-4       

    D)  A-2 B-1 C-3 D-4

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    The hydro projects worth 2500 MW across various states were accorded clearance by the Forest Advisory Committee of Ministry of Environment and Forest. The clearances were pending for a long time.

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