CLAT Sample Paper CLAT Sample Paper-8

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    Direction: Read the following information carefully to answer the question that follow.
    Rage killings are on the rise in the city. Police stations have registered 16% more cases as compared to the corresponding period last year. In most of these cases minor altercations have led to the crime. While cautioning the public, the commissioner of police in a press conference said that the number of rage killings in the city is fast approaching the figure for deaths due to road accidents which is on decline. A leading psychologist has attributed this to the growing complexity of city life and resulting intolerance due to exponential rise in population, large disparity between social strata and other modern day socio-economic factors.
    Which of the following, if true, would make the psychologists argument stronger?

    A)  Residents dislike influx of outsiders into the city

    B)         There is a large and widening difference in income levels

    C)         Increase in city population has put immense pressure on basic infrastructure like water, electricity and open space

    D)         The number of deaths due to road accidents is on decline

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Increase in population puts a pressure on basic infrastructure and resources. However, it is the differences in income levels which give rise to glaring differences in consumption, expenditure, social norms, etiquettes, social behavior, accessibility of natural resources etc, and all this develops the complexity, clashes and chaos in the life.

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