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    Direction: Answer the questions based on the following information. One participants from four continents (Africa, Americas, Australia and Europe) attended a United Nations conference. Each participant was an expert in one of four fields, labour, health, population studies and refugee relocation. The following five facts about participants are given
    I. The number of Labour experts in the camp was exactly half the number of experts in each of the three other categories.
    II. Africa did not send any labour expert. Otherwise, every continent, including Africa, sent at least one expert for each category.
    III. None of the continents sent more than there experts in any category.
    IV. If there had been one less Australian expert, then the Americas would have had twice as many experts as each of the other continents.
    V. Mike and Alfanso are leading experts of population studies who attended the conference. They are from Australia

    Alex, an American expert in refugee relocation, was the first keynote speaker in the conference. What can be inferred about the number of American experts in refugee relocation in the conference, excluding Alex?
    I. At least one     
    II. Almost two

    A)  Only I and not II           

    B)         Only II and not I           

    C)                     Both I and II                

    D)         Neither I nor II

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    It is given that Alex is one of the American experts in refugee relocation from the table, there can be 1 more or 2 more American experts in the same category.

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