11th Class English Sample Paper English Olympiad Model Test Paper-12

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    Given below is a report with four blanks, numbered I, II, III and IV. Fill those blanks with the options provided in P, Q, R, S in correct order to make the passage meaningfully readable. India has made a wise decision. That it will not send troops to Afghanistan shows that I. The presence of an alien security force is something that will never be accepted by Afghans irrespective of the intentions. Historically speaking, II as the Sri Lanka experience showed us. More than fighting an unknown enemy, what should be done is to take all steps to carry out constructive work in a war-torn country. For example, III move. Empowering Afghan forces to protect their democratic institutions will help heal the wounds. All help without any intrusion into another's sovereignty should be the goal. Bilateral IV but not at the cost of 'unfollowing' an independent foreign policy.
    P: cooperation between India and the United States must be strengthened Q: displacing an army in another country can be both ineffective and counterproductive R: Indian foreign policy cannot be hijacked by any power S: providing training to security forces will be a prudent

    A) RQSP

    B) PRQS

    C) PQSR

    D) RSPQ

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: A

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