8th Class English Sample Paper English Olympiad Model Test Paper-3

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    Given below is a report with four blanks. Fill those blanks with the options given as P, Q, R, S in correct order, to make the report readable and meaningful.
    At around 2.40 pm on Tuesday, the whole of Sri Lanka collectively went Aiyo Salli. It's an expression you get used to within a few days of being in the island. It loosely translates ____ (I) ____and wasted the opportunity provided to him. But there is hardly a real-life situation for which Aiyo Salli isn't a Sri Lankan's first response. It can also express______ (II) _____on the tone used. This particular Aiyo Salli covered them all, and had a tinge of melancholy attached to it. For, Kusal Perera, the Srilankan batsman on the crease, had thrown it away. He had let____ (III)_____, an uncalled for reverse sweep that resulted in him being caught at point .The Test lasted a mere eight overs post Perera's departure, as Mathews was dismissed for a valiant 110 with Ishant Sharma snaring him with the second-new ball in the first over of the third session. That is before _____ (IV) ___to their woes, to be bowled out for 268 and hand India a comprehensive 117-run victory and their first series win in Sri Lanka since 1993.
    P: all the hard-work and hope-building slip away in a moment of insouciance
    Q: a parent's disgust over wasting their money over a child, who's perennially poor in studies
    R: a number of emotions from angst, disappointment, sympathy, sarcasm to even surprise-depending
    S:  the tail swung their bats around with no intent; except maybe to bring about a quick finish

    A) QPSR

    B) PQRS

    C) RPSQ

    D) QRPS

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: D

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