8th Class English Sample Paper English Olympiad Model Test Paper-4

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    Direction: Sentences have been divided into six parts. The first and the last part are numbered 1 and 6 and the remaining four parts are named P, Q, R and S. while 1 and 6 are in order the reaming parts are jumped. Rearrange the parts P, Q, R and S to make a meaningful comprehension.
    1.The failure to provide an infrastructure for primary
    P. Education in the villages of India more than 40 years
    Q. Institutions for technical studies. The institutes of higher education.
    R. After independence is in sharp contrast with the sophisticated
    S. Are founded by the government, which essentially means
    6. That the money to support them comes from taxes.

    A) PQRS

    B) PROS

    C) QSRP

    D) QPRS

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: B

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