11th Class English Sample Paper English Olympiad Sample Paper-7

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    Given below is a letter with four blanks marked I, II. Ill & IV. Fill those with the options provided in P, Q, R, S to make it a sensible one.
    M/ S Hangama Electronics
    12th Loudon Street
    To whom it may concern
    On October 5, 2012, I bought a LG Microwave from your store at Midriver Mall. The person who assisted me was Ravi. Ravi was very friendly and assured me that this _______ I _______.
    Unfortunately this product did not live up to its claim. Although the box promised, as I stated above, to provide 'Perfect Microwave Every Time' the food I _______ II_______.
    I was cooking my favourite dish, carefully following the instruction given in the manual along: with this microwave, and was _______ III ________. You can imagine my disappointment when upon tasting the food, I discovered that the dish in fact, came out absolutely miserable.
    I would appreciate a full refund (Rs.12, 000/-) for this product as soon as possible. Enclosed are ________IV________ it for yourself.
    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
    With regards
    Gina Talwar
    P: microwave was far from perfect
    Q: Microwave would live up to the guarantee printed on the box: 'Perfect Microwave Every Time'
    R: the receipt, the empty box printed with your claim of 'Perfect Microwave Every Time,' and a little portion of food cooked therein, so that you can experience
    S: very excited to eat the 'Perfect' Micro waved food, as promised on the box

    A)  PSRQ                          

    B)  QRSP

    C)  QPSR                          

    D)  QSRP

    E)  None of these

    Correct Answer: C

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