8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 1

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    Answer any four of the following questions:                                                                                     
    (i) What massage dose the poet want to poet want to convey through the poem The School Bag??        
    (ii) On his return from the parish what two things did people notice about him? (When I set out for Lyonnesse)                                                                            
    (iii) How can we say that animals have sixth sense? (The Tsunami)
    (iv) Mention the various ways in which the British and the German soldiers become friends and find things in common at Christmas.
    (v) Why did the poet himself say about his thoughts and poems? (The Create Stone Face II)


    (i) The poet wants to convey a very practical lesson through this poem. He wants that we should not bury the childhood of a child under the burden of heavy bags and books as a child loves to be closer to nature, stars, flowers than to this materialistic world.                                                                                                    
    (ii) On his return from the parish people noticed two things about him: a new glow in his eyes and a piece of paper sticking out of his coat pocket.     
     (iii) Animals have a sixth sense which alarms them about a natural calamity about to occur. They behave strangely, run to safer place and do not come out.                                                                                        
    (iv) The British and the German soldiers became friends by sharing smoking, laughing, talking, drinking and eating and by sharing Christmas cake. All these things were common between them.                                                
    (v) The poet admitted that his songs were heavenly, and his dreams had been grand. But his life did not agree with his great thought. He lacked sincere faith in his own thoughts. His dreams were mere hollow dreams.                                                  

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