8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 1

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    Answer any four of the following questions:                                       
    (i) Why did the interviewer say that "giftedness and learning disabilities go hand in hand".               
    (ii) She is complaining and smiling. Why is she smiling?                                             
    (iii) On one occasion the children said, "How happy we are here!" Later they said; "How happy we were there!" What are they referring to in both the cases?
    (iv) Describe the appearance of Jaya.
    (v) "I am not buying any Christmas presents till December 15." What did Sir John mean by that?


    (i) Hafeez Contractor told Ms. Bela Raja, Editor of Newsletter and his interviewer that there were many students of his class who always stood first or second but in the present day are doing very ordinary jobs.                          
    (ii) She is complaining and smiling because she knew fully well how utterly oblivious her husband was of the practical problems of living. He would not care of wearing the sweater even if it was (near him) lying on the bedside chair.                                                       
    (iii) The children were accustomed of playing freely every afternoon in the Giant's garden during his absence. This made them very happy. Unfortunately, they were all driven out when the Giant returned to his castle. So in both cases, the children are referring to the garden where they were later prohibited to enter.   
    (iv) She wore a long banian that came down to her knees. Her hair was stiff brown and she had a huge sack on her one shoulder. She was picking up dirty plastic cups from the floor and stuffing them into her sack.                    
    (v) Sir John said that he won't buy any Christmas presents till December 15 because on this day the comet would the earth. If the operation succeeded, the comet would pass by at a near but safe distance some close.                                                    

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