8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 2

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    Read the following stanza and answer the questions given below :                                                          
    How can the bird that is born for joy,
    Sit in a cage and sing.
    How can a child when fears annoys, /But droop his tender wing,
    And forget his youthful spring.
    (i) With whom is the child comparing himself to?
    (ii) Explain, 'droop his tender wing'.
    (iii) What can the child not forget?
    (iv) Identify the rhyme scheme of the above lines.


    (i) The child is comparing himself to the bird.
    (ii) ?Droop his tender wings? means to surrender and stay inside.
    (iii) The child cannot forget the youthful spring.
    (iv) Ababb.       


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