8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 2

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    Answer any four of the following questions;    
    (i) The camel was looking at his own reflection in the pool. What does it suggest to you about the camel?
    (ii) Why was it still winter in one corner of the garden?
    (iii) Who was the better swimmer Ranji or the other boy? How do you know it?
    (iv) What one throws away as waste may be valuable to others. Do you find this sentence meaningful in the context of the story 'children At work'? How?
    (v) The Giant saw a most wonderful sight. What did he see?


    (i) The camel was looking at his own reflection in the pool suggests that he loved his image. He was looking into the water to admire himself in solitude.                                                                                   
    (ii) There was still winter in one corner of the garden as a small boy standing underneath a tree could not climb it. He was too small to reach up to the branches of the tree. He was crying bitterly.
    (iii) Ranji was the better swimmer. As readers we can say this because when the other boy called out to fight then he mocked at Ranji saying that perhaps he was not able/cannot swim the length of the pool.
    On hearing this Ranji got furious ?But Ranji could have swim the length of the pool a dozen times without tiring and here he would show the other boy his superiority?. These lines depict Ranji's talent.                              (iv) Yes, the rubbish can be wholesome food for others. This is depicted in this story. Jaya lives on the left overs of the garbage bins, same thing follows for Velu. Children don?t have money to buy food for themselves so they eat what is available until they earn their own. It sounds quite pathetic but it is true as is shown in the story.       
    (v) The Giant saw through a little hole in the boundary wall that the school children had sneaked in, they were sitting on the various branches of the trees. The whole garden (trees, flowers and birds) was glad to have their friends back. The birds were flying. The flowers were laughing. It was indeed a splendid scene.


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