8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 2

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    Read the outlines of a story given below. Write it in full using these outlines and your own idea_
    Assign a suitable title to it:  
    Outlines:-A lady becomes blind-calls in a doctor-agrees to pay large fee-doctor calls daily-gives some medicine and removes some furniture-the lady is cured-the doctor demands his fees-lady refuses-sight not restored-no furniture-doctor files a suit-lady's reply-doctor punished.
    An old woman - greedy - had a goose - laid a golden egg everyday/ sold - earned her living - thought - hundreds of golden eggs in its stomach - thought of becoming very rich ? cut it ? only one egg ? lost what she had ? moral.


    The Blind Lady and the Greedy Doctor                                                                                              
    Once a rich lady became blind. She called in an eye-specialist. The doctor promised to cure her within a fortnight. She agreed to pay a large fee. The doctor operated upon her eyes and bandaged them.
    The doctor came every day. He gave her some medicine and removed some furniture. This went on for 14 days. On the fifteenth day the doctor removed the bandages and said, ?Now, you can see. Please pay my fees.? The lady was cured. Her eyesight had been restored, but she was shocked to see that all the pieces of costly furniture were missing. She refused to pay the fees on the plea that she could not see her furniture in her room, which meant that her sight had not been restored.
    The doctor filed a suit against her for not paying his fees. The court heard both the parties. On knowing the reality, the judge dismissed the doctor?s case. He was charged with theft and sentenced to prison for swindling and stealing.
    Once upon a time there was an old woman. She was greedy. She owned a goose which laid a golden egg everyday. She used to earn her living by selling that golden egg. One day, an idea struck her mind. She wondered whether the goose had hundreds of golden eggs in its stomach. She decided to cut the goose open and find out as she wanted to become very rich. She took a big knife and cut open the goose. To her dismay she found only one egg inside. She was shocked and started crying. She realized that she had lost what she had i.e., the goose which was her only means of livelihood.
    Moral: We should not be greedy.


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