8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 3

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    Read the following passage carefully:
    People moan about poverty as a great evil and it seems to be an accepted belief than if people had plenty of money, they would be happy, and get more out of life. As a rule there is more genuine satisfaction in life and more is obtained from life in the humble cottage of the poor man than in the palace of rich men, who are attended by servants and governesses at a later stage. At the same time I am glad to think they do not know what they have missed.
    It is because I know how sweet and happy and pure the home of honest poverty is, how free from
    Perplexing care and social envies and jealousies, how ?loving, and united the members are in the common interest of supporting the family that I sympathize with the rich man's boy and congratulate the poor men's son. It is for these reasons that from the ranks of the poor so many strong eminent self-reliant men have always sprung. If you read the list of the "Immortals who were not born to die." You will find that most of them have been poor                 
    (i) What is the popular motion about poverty?
    (ii) Where can one get more genuine satisfaction in life?
    (iii) Why does the author pity the rich man's boy?
    (iv) How has the author compared rich with poor?
    (v) What is his conclusion?
    (vi) People moan about poverty. (Frame a wh _ type question?
    (vii) Find out other words in the passage with similar meanings to:
    (a) Confusion                            
    (b) Self dependent.


    (i) The popular notion about poverty is that it is a great evil.                                                                       
    (ii) One can get more genuine satisfaction in life in the humble cottage of the poor man.                                 
    (iii) The author pities the rich man's boy because he does not know the sweetness/ happiness and purity of honest poverty.                                                             
    (iv) The author feels that genuine satisfaction is obtained from life in the humble cottage of the poor than in the palace of rich men. 
    (v) The members of a poor family are united, loving and share a common interest in being supportive to each other. The rich boy does not know these pleasures.                                                                                                 
    (vi) (a) perplexed                       
    (b) self-reliant                                                                                                                                          
    (vii) What do people moan about?                                                       


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