8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 3

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    Answer any four of the following questions:                                      
    (i) What did the animals do before the giant waves slammed into the coast of India and Sri Lanka?
    (ii) Why did prophet and wizard not guess about the magic in the poet's eye?
    (iii) How does Macavity break the law of gravity?
    (iv) Why was the letter written? What was the wonderful thing that had happened?
    (v) What all things did Parimal Chose tell Benin Babu to remind him of his visit to Ranchi?


    (i) Before the giant waves slammed into the coast of India and Sri Lanka, the wind and domestic animals seemed to know what was about to happen. They fled to safety. Elephants screamed
    and ran to higher grounds, dogs refused to go outdoors. Flamingoes abandoned their low-lying breeding areas and zoo-animals rushed into their shelters.                              
    (ii) Prophet and wizard did not guess about that magic in the poet's eyes because this was the radiance in his life and eyes due to the blessings of God.                                                                                                       
    (iii) He breaks the law of gravity as he is quicker and faster than the wind. He does not fall on the ground and probably jumps upon surfaces and disappears.                                                                   
    (iv) The letter was written by Jim to share with his wife a pleasant incident that had occurred during
    the war. In the midst of the war, the soldiers of the two enemy countries fighting the war, i.e. The British and the German soldiers came together to celebrate Christmas. They shared their foods and drinks and played with each other.                                               
    (v) Parimal Ghose told Bepin that he had been to Ranchi in 1958. He fell in Hudroo and cut his right knee. Next day he had to go to Netarhat but due to pain he couldn't and he stayed at Dinesh Mukherjee's bungalow.     


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