8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 3

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    Write a letter to your younger sister advising her to work hard for upcoming annual exam. You are Dinesh/Divya.                                                                     
    Last day you enjoyed the birthday party of your close friend. You had lot of fun there. Write a diary entry describing you experience.


    41, Apna Bazar                                                                                                                                                 
    28th July, 20XX
    Dear Navya,
    Hope my letter finds you in high spirits. I wish you are fine and studying well in hostel. I was actually worried for you as your annual exams are approaching next month and you are busy with your Football Tournament. Take extra care of yours diet. Avoid eating junk food. Please have ample of fruits. Sleep on time and don't waste your time specially morning hours in sleeping.
    Study regularly and try to pass with flying colours. Mom and Dad are also worried for you. We all miss you. We pray for your bright future.
    Yours lovingly,        
    28th July, 2018 
    Dear Diary,
    Today was hilarious day. It was Anand's birthday. We had a great fun at his birthday party. Actually
    the 'party was as normal as any party but it was Anand's Dad who made it wonderful. He is such
    a great person, very friendly, jolly natured. He has an elder-brotherly attitude. We all showed our talents one by one. I played guitar. Everyone praised me for the same. Then we had the sumptuous dinner. Anand's mother is a great cook. It was really a wonderful day.

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