8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 4

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    Answer any four of the following questions:                                     
    (i) Why does he compare himself with a bird in a cage or a plant that withers? (The School Boy).
    (ii) Who was Gathergold?
    (iii) Why did Ernest think the poet was like the stone face?
    (iv) Jody didn't want Mill-wheel with him for two reasons. What were they?
    (v) Why did Bepin Babu change his mind about meeting Chunni? What was the result of this meeting?


    (i) He compares himself with a bird in a cage or a plant that withers because he is not happy with his school life and he is unable to enjoy his freedom to play during school time.                 
    (ii) Gathergold was a man who belonged to this valley but had settled somewhere else and set up as a shopkeeper being sharp in business matters. He had become very rich and now he thought of spending his end days in his native valley.                                                                                                                                                  
    (iii) The songs of the poet found their way to Ernest. He read them after his day?s work and found them worthy. So he began to think that the poet was like the Stone Face.                                                                         
    (iv) Jody didn?t want Mill-wheel with him for two reasons. If he did not find the fawn then he would be disappointed, and if the fawn would be there then he did not want to share his happiest expression with any one.                             
    (v) Bepin Babu changed his mind about meeting Chunni because he wanted to know about his trip to Ranchi from Chunni. Bepin Babu sighed and shook his head after this meeting because Chunni also confirmed that he had gone to Ranchi.

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