8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 4

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    Answer any one of the following:    
    Imagine that you are Jim. You have returned to your town after the war. In your diary record how you feel about the changes you see and the events that occur in your town. You could begin like this.
    Dec. 25th, 1919
    It's Christmas today, but the town looks.............
    Discuss the following points on the basis of your reading the lesson 'Jalebis':
    (i) Is the boy intelligent? If so, what is the evidence of it?
    (ii) Does his outlook on the jalebis episode change after class VIII? Does he see that episode in a new light?
    (iii) Why are the coins made to "talk" in this story? What purpose does it serve?


    25th Dec. 1919,
    It?s Christmas today, but the town looks desolated. Not because there is no one living in it but the people living here are having bare hearts. There is not a single house which hasn?t lost someone near and dear. All because of this nasty war. It has destroyed everything. Those who survived after the war are not more than walking dummies. I think it will take years for them to come out of the terrors of the war. But life goes on. I felt happy when I saw my neighbour taking care of Mr. Johnson, who is left all alone in this world after his only son died in the war. The war has left its permanent mark on our hearts but at the same time we realize the true worth of human life, when there is a fear of losing each other. -Jim
    (i) Yes, the boy is intelligent. The following sentence depicts his intelligence: ?In school I was among
    the most promising students. In the fourth standard exams, I had even won a scholarship of four rupees a month?.
    (ii) Yes, his outlook on the jalebis episode changed after Class VII. He was matured and thought accordingly. He took that unforgettable episode in new light in this way that if Allah Miyan were to provide everyone for the asking/needy, then the things would have been reverse in the world.
    (iii) Coins are made to talk to depict the inner turmoil/thinking of the boy to the readers. They served the purpose of deviating the boy from doing the unjustified thing and the oldest coin gave him good suggestion; (of not spending the fees) so they were made to talk to the boy.

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