8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 4

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    Complete the following passage by choosing the correct options :                                                      
    Confucius laid great stress (i) ___ good character. He preached (ii) ___ people should respect (iii) ____ parents. He held a prominent place (vi) ___ philosophers and religious reformers. The syllabus (v) ___ his teaching was a wide one which (vi) ____ morals, family duties, social reforms and personal relationship. He knew (vii) ____ languages and arts. He has written about his experiences in life in a book (viii) ____ Chin Chinking.
    (i) (a) on    *-correct-answer-description-* Not Available              

    A) (b) at          

    B) (c) into                         

    C) (d) upon

    Correct Answer:

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