8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 6

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    Read the following passage carefully:                                                                                                    
    I should be the last person to be telling school and college students to take their studies seriously. I never did so myself and scraped through my exams with an unbroken record of third divisions. In successive years at school, I distinguished myself by getting zeroes in arithmetic and just managed to get by with algebra and geometry. It was almost the same in college and for higher studies in law in England.
    Most students did their L. L. B. and Bar-at-Law in three years. I took five years to pass the same exams.
    When I returned home, my father quite rightly belittled my performances. When any of his friends asked him "What did your son pass in England?" he would reply, "I am not sure what he passed except that he passed a lot of time. Students who take their studies seriously do well in their exams and get a head start in life. You will notice that most of those who get into the best services like administrative, foreign, revenue education, engineering, police and other posts of the bureaucracy were among the toppers in their classes. Other who do equally well or better in professions like law or medicine, have to make up by studying and working harder in later life. There are no shortcuts to success.
    On the basis of your reading of the above passage answer the questions that follow: (i) Choose the correct alternative and complete the sentence.                                                                        This piece of writing is................. (a) An autobiography    (b) Science fiction    (c) Biography.


    (i) An autobiography

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