8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 6

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    Re-arrange the following words and phrases to make meaningful sentences:              
    (i) the/body/sleep is/essential/a good night s/f or
    (ii) to/catch/people/get/sleep/cold/7 hours/who/less than/of/are/likely
    (iii) loss of/may also/appetite/they/experience
    (iv) Sleep deeply/comfortable/hence to/clothes/relax/and/wear/one must


    (i) A good night?s sleep is essential for the body.
    (ii) People who get less than 7 hours of sleep are likely to catch cold.
    (iii) They may also experience loss of appetite.
    (iv) Hence to relax one must wear comfortable clothes and sleep deeply.                                          
    before word after (i) regularly can help (ii) of the cardiovascular (iii) are the rich (iv) source of mono-saturated
    (v) magnesium and copper (vi) of them have (vii) rich in the (viii) fats that actually             

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