8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 6

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    Read the following extract and answer the questions that follows:                                         
    He dipped his fingers in the milk and thrust them into the fawn's soft wet mouth. It sucked greedily.
    When he withdrew them, it bleated frantically and butted him. He dipped his fingers again and as the fawn sucked, he lowered them slowly into the milk. The fawn blew and sucked and snorted.
    (i) Who is 'He' in the above lines?                                                               
    (ii) Why did the fawn suck milk greedily?                                                         
    (iii) How did (he) feed the fawn?                                                                 
    (iv) Name the author of the above chapter?


    (i) ?He? refers to Jody in the above lines.
    (ii) The fawn was hungry so he sucked milk greedily.
    (iii) He fed the fawn by dipping his fingers in milk and thrusting them into the fawn?s soft wet mouth.
    (iv) Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

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