8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 6

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    Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:                                        
    Six years ago, Kaikondrahalli Lake in Bangalore was a marshy/ polluted cesspool. When Priya Ramasubban, a filmmaker, saw its condition, she immediately wanted to intervene and revive it.
    "One day I was taking a walk near that lake and I saw the most amazing thing ever - hundreds of beautiful dragonflies so close to my face. I just knew I wanted to do something for the lake," she exclaims. "But/' she adds, "I needed a team to support me in this." Priya then contacted her friend Ramesh Sivaram who helped her in drawing the people's attention to the condition of the lake. Armed with the official copy of the report on the lake/ Priya collected a team of people and started visiting officials in government departments. Gradually, many environmentalists joined hands and the work of lake revival began.
    The team went from one government department to another to garner support. By then the government had already made a plan to rejuvenate the lake but Priya had different plans.
    "They had a pure engineering approach while we wanted more space for the water body and bio diverse, rejuvenating project," she says.
    The team went back to BBMP's office and presented the new plan. The municipal authorities responded positively.
    The rejuvenation project started by first fixing the boundaries, then diverting the sewage line that contaminated the lake. By this time an architect, Vasu, was also brought into the team before actual on-ground work could start.
    The team members worked in shifts to supervise the progress of the work to ensure that everything went as per plan. They spent two years in dewatering, desilting and constructing the area around the lake.
    After the rejuvenation process was over, the team waited for the monsoon. The first two months of the season passed with hardly any rain and so no water in the lake. Just when disappointment was beginning to set in, the heavens, opened up in the third month and water came gushing in from an upstream lake.
    Gradually more and more people, including birds started visiting this revived water body. Motivated by Priya's efforts, many people volunteered to take care of the lake. Today the lake hosts fish, frogs, over 40 species of birds, and even snakes. An amphitheater has also been built near the lake for cultural events.
    The once dead lake is now a living body. Thanks to the dedicated work and persistence of many Bengaloreans?a perfect example of community engagement.
    (ii) Complete the statements below in one word or phrase.                                          
    (a) It took ___ for the project to get completed.
    (b) Heaven's rewarded Priya's hard work by sending down ____.
    (c) To ___ is to bring back something to life.
    (d) To ___ something is to make it impure and dirty.


    (ii) (a) 2 years
    (b) water from an upstream lake
    (c) Revive
    (d) Contaminate

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