8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 7

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    Read the outlines of a story given below. Write it in full using these outlines and your own ideas.
    Assign a suitable title to it:                                                                                                                       
    Outlines:-A dark stormy night ? a traveller reached a house ?knocked but no response ? knocked hard?door opened?no lights ? no body seen traveller pulled inside.
    Outlines:-Cap-seller ? hot day ? tired and thirsty ? looking for shade ? ten red caps in a bundle ? falls asleep ? wakes up ? caps gone ? looks up in wonder ? ten monkeys on the tree ? each wears a cap ? tries several methods to recover caps ? no use ? snatches the cap off his head ?throws it down in anger?monkey do the same ? recovers all his caps.


    A Mysterious Night                                                                                                                                 
    Once a traveller was travelling on horse back with a view to explore the city. While riding he happened to come across a remote area and all of a sudden the sky was covered with dark clouds
    and it started raining heavily. He rushed but due to rain the horse also couldn't run fast. Finally he
    came across a cottage. Without hesitating he knocked at the door but he got no response, although he could hear the sounds coming from inside. He knocked even loudly. Suddenly the door opened and he was pulled inside. He was shocked and when he became a bit normal he realised that the people sitting there were indulging in drugs. He was shocked and soon he also started behaving as though he also needed drugs. He bought drugs from them and hid them in his pocket acting as though he was under the spell of those narcotics. When everybody was totally doped, he slipped out of the room, climbed his horse and ran away from there. He straight away went to the police station, informed the police and with his efforts police was able to raid the place. Addicted people were sent to the rehabilitation centre and next day it was in the news headlines.
    The Cap-Seller and the Monkeys
    It was the month of June. A cap-seller was returning from a village fair after selling fifty red caps. He was very happy because he had made a big profit. It was noon. The Sun was very hot. The cap-seller was tired and thirsty. He was looking for a shady tree. He wanted to take rest.
    Near a village he found a big tree. He took water from the village well. Then he took his lunch and lay down to rest for a while. He had ten red caps in a bundle. He had also worn a red cap. Soon he fell asleep.
    When he woke up, all the caps had gone. He looked up in despair and wondered. He saw ten monkeys on the tree. Each monkey was wearing a red cap on his head. He threw stones at the monkeys but they picked unripe fruit and threw at him. He tried his best to recover the caps from the monkeys, but all in vain. He then sat down in despair with his head between his hands. The monkeys also did so. Soon, an idea flashed across his mind. He snatched the red cap off his head and threw it away angrily. The monkeys did the same. The cap-seller hurriedly collected all the caps. He put them in his bag and went away happily.

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