Banking Sample Paper IBPS Clerk (PT) Sample Paper Test-2

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    Direction: In these questions, a relationship between the different elements is shown in the statements. Find the true conclusion from the given two conclusions and then give your answer
    Statements: \[L>E,\]\[E\ge F\],\[L\ge K\]
    Conclusions: \[I.E\ge K\]\[II.L>F\]

    A)  If only conclusion I is true.

    B)  If only conclusion II is true.

    C)  If either conclusion I or conclusion II is true

    D)  If neither conclusion I nor conclusion II is true.

    E)  If both conclusion I and II are true.

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Given statements: L>E                 ...(i) E\[\ge \]F                       ...(ii) L\[\ge \]K                       ....(iii) Combining (i). (ii) and (iii), we get \[K\le L>E\ge F\] ?.(iv) Thus, we cant compare K and E. Hence, I (\[E\ge K\]is not true. Again, L > F is true.


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