Banking Sample Paper IBPS Clerk (PT) Sample Paper Test-2

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    Direction: Study the following information carefully and andwer the questions given below:
    A survey was conducted on 2500 persons to know their likeness of different types of house. 68% people like Duplex, 69.6% like Villas and 64% like apartments. 14.4% of them like only Duplex, 16.8% like only Villas and 8.8% like only apartments. Now, answer the following questions based on this information.
    What per cent of people like only Duplex and Villas but not apartments?

    A)  4.8%               

    B)  4.2%   

    C) 5.4%   

    D) 4%                  

    E)  3.8%   

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Reqd%\[=\frac{120}{2500}\times 100=4.8%\]


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