JEE Main & Advanced Sample Paper JEE Main - Mock Test - 35

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    Sulphide ion in alkaline solution reacts with solid sulphur to form polysulphide ions having formula,\[S_{2}^{2-},S_{3}^{2-},S_{4}^{2-}\], etc. if \[{{K}_{1}}=12\] for \[S+{{S}^{2-}}\rightleftharpoons S_{2}^{2-}\]and \[{{K}_{2}}=132\] for\[2S+{{S}^{2-}}\rightleftharpoons S_{3}^{2-}\], calculate \[{{K}_{3}}\]for \[S+S_{2}^{2-}\rightleftharpoons S_{3}^{2-}\] Give your answer by dividing 5.5



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