JEE Main & Advanced Sample Paper JEE Main Sample Paper-4

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    The enthalpies of formation of \[{{N}_{2}}O\] and NO are respectively 82 and \[90\,kJ\,mo{{l}^{-1}}.\] The enthalpy of reaction. \[2{{N}_{2}}{{O}_{(g)}}+{{O}_{2(g)}}\to 4N{{O}_{(g)}}\] is

    A)  8 kJ                       

    B)  88 kJ     

    C)  - 16 kJ                                  

    D)  196 kJ

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    \[2{{N}_{2}}{{O}_{(g)}}+{{O}_{2(g)}}\to 4N{{O}_{(g)}}\] \[\Delta {{H}_{1}}(kJ):\] \[2\times 82\]   0\[4\times 90\] \[\Delta {{H}_{\operatorname{Re}action}}=\Sigma \Delta {{H}_{f(Product)}}-\Sigma \Delta {{H}_{f(Reactant)}}\] \[=4\times 90-2\times 92=360-164=196kJ\]

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