KVPY Sample Paper KVPY Stream-SX Model Paper-22

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    The transfer ratio \[\beta \] of transistor is 50. The input resistance of a transistor when used in C.E. (common emitter) configuration is \[1k\Omega \]. The peak value of the collector A.C. current for an A.C. input voltage of 0.01 V peak is

    A) \[100\mu \operatorname{A}\]

    B) \[.01\operatorname{mA}\]

    C) \[500\mu \operatorname{A}\]

    D) \[25\operatorname{mA}\]

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    \[{{i}_{b}}=\frac{V}{{{R}_{1}}}=\frac{0.01}{1\times {{10}^{2}}}={{10}^{-5}}A\]
    We know that,\[\beta =\frac{{{i}_{c}}}{{{i}_{b}}}\]
    \[\therefore \]      \[{{i}_{c}}=\beta \times {{i}_{b}}\]
    \[=50\times {{10}^{-5}}=500\mu A\]

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