KVPY Sample Paper KVPY Stream-SX Model Paper-22

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    Match the following organisms with their respective characteristics:
    a Pila i Flame cells
    b Bombyx ii Comb plates
    c Pleurobrachia ii Radula
    d Taenia iv Malpighian tubules
    Select the Correct option from the following:

    A) [a]-(iii), [b]-(ii), [c]-(i), [d]-(iv)

    B) [a]-(iii), [b]-(iv), [c]-(ii), [d]-(i)

    C) [a]-(ii),  [b]-(iv), [c]-(iii), [d]-(i)

    D) [a]-(iii), [b]-(ii), [c]-(iv), [d]-(i)

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    [a] Pila is a Mollusc. The mouth contains a file -like rasping organ for feeding called radula.
    [b]Bombyx is an Arthropod. In Bombyx excretion takes place through malpighan tubules.
    [c] Pleurobrachia is Ctenophore. The body bears eight external rows of ciliated comb plates, which help in locomotion.
    [d] Tcienia is a platyhelminth specialised cells called flame cells, helps in osmoregulation and excretion.

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