KVPY Sample Paper KVPY Stream-SX Model Paper-29

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    The value of the 'spin only' magnetic moment for one of the following configurations is 2.84 BM. The correct one is

    A) \[{{d}^{5}}\] (in strong ligand field)

    B) \[{{d}^{3}}\] (in weak as well as in strong fields)

    C) \[{{d}^{4}}\](in weak ligand fields)

    D) \[{{d}^{4}}\](in strong ligand fields)

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    \[{{d}^{5}}\]strong ligand field
    \[\mu =\sqrt{n\left( n+2 \right)}=\sqrt{3}=1.73\operatorname{BM}\]
    \[{{d}^{3}}\]in weak as well as in strong field
    \[\mu =\sqrt{3\left( 5 \right)}=\sqrt{15}=3.87\operatorname{BM}.\]
    \[{{d}^{4}}\]In weak ligand field
    \[\mu =\sqrt{4\left( 8 \right)}=\sqrt{24}=4.89\operatorname{B}.M.\]
    \[{{d}^{4}}\] In strong ligand field
    \[\mu \sqrt{2\left( 4 \right)}=\sqrt{8}=2.82\operatorname{B}.M.\]

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