KVPY Sample Paper KVPY Stream-SX Model Paper-5

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    The spring block system as shown in figure is in equilibrium. The string connecting blocks A and B is cut. The mass of all the three blocks is m and spring constant of both the spring is k. The amplitude of resulting oscillation of block A is (string massless)

    A) \[\frac{mg}{k}\]            

    B) \[\frac{2mg}{k}\]

    C) \[\frac{3mg}{k}\]                      

    D) \[\frac{4mg}{k}\]

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [B] Just after cutting the string extension in spring \[=\frac{3mg}{k}\] The extension in the spring when block is in mean position \[=\frac{mg}{k}\] \[\therefore \] Amplitude of oscillation \[A=\frac{3mg}{k}-\frac{mg}{k}=\frac{2mg}{k}.\]    

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