NEET Sample Paper NEET Sample Test Paper-15

  • question_answer The Van der Waal equation for n moles of a real gas is\[\left( p+\frac{a}{{{V}^{2}}} \right)(V-b)=nRT\]. Where P is the pressure, V is the volume. T is the absolute temperature. R is the molar gas constant and a and b are Van der Waal constant. The dimensions of a are the same as those of

    A) PV       

    B) \[P{{V}^{2}}\]

    C) \[{{P}^{2}}V\]                    

    D)  \[\frac{P}{V}\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    From the principle of homogeneity, the dimensions of \[\frac{a}{{{V}^{2}}}\]must be the same as those of P, i.e., Dimensions of \[\frac{a}{{{V}^{2}}}=\] dimensions of P \[\therefore \] dimensions of a = dimension of \[P{{V}^{2}}.\] Hence, the correction option is [b].

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