NEET Sample Paper NEET Sample Test Paper-17

  • question_answer litres of a liquid with specific heat \[0.2\,cal/g{{m}^{-0}}C\]has the same thermal capacity as that of 20 litres of liquid with specific heat 0.3, find the ratio of their densities:

    A)  3 : 1                           

    B)  1 : 3               

    C)    1 : 6                  

    D)    6 : 1

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Given that\[\,{{m}_{A}}{{C}_{A}}={{m}_{B}}{{C}_{B}}\]or \[{{V}_{A}}{{\rho }_{A}}{{C}_{A}}={{V}_{B}}{{\rho }_{B}}{{C}_{B}}\] or \[10{{\rho }_{A}}\times 0.2\,=20{{\rho }_{B}}\times 0.3\] or \[\frac{{{\rho }_{A}}}{{{\rho }_{B}}}=\frac{3}{1}\] Hence, the correction option is [a].


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