12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Olympiad Sample Paper-4

  • question_answer A beam of 450 nm light is incident on a metal having work function 2 eV and placed in a magnetic field B. If the most energetic electrons emitted are bent into circular arc of radius 0.2 m, find 6.

    A)  \[2.36\text{ }\times \text{ }{{10}^{-4}}\text{ }T~\]

    B)  \[1.46\text{ }\times \text{ }{{10}^{-5}}\text{ }T\]  

    C)  \[6.9\text{ }\times \text{ }{{10}^{-5}}\text{ }T\]

    D)  \[9.2\text{ }\times \text{ }{{10}^{-6}}\text{ }T\]

    Correct Answer: B

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