12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-2

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    Anuj's father was having a constant back pain and fever for ten days. After a through medical check up, his father was diagnosed with Cancer. Now, he is going to the hospital after a regular interval of time for radiotherapy and feeling much better.
    Read the above passage and answer the following questions :
    (i) Which type of rays are used for treatment of Cancer and why?
    (ii) What basic values do you learn from this study?


    (i) \[\gamma -rays\] \[(\text{frequency range }to\text{ }3\times {{10}^{19}}\text{ }\]\[Hz\,\,to\,\,3\times {{10}^{23}}\,\,HZ)\] are used for treatment of Cancer because they are high frequency waves having high penetration power, due to which, they are used for treatment of cancerous cells.
    (ii) We learn that the presence of mind and correct use of things available help to deal with difficult situations.

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