12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-3

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    Merrie Curie and her teacher turned husband Pierre Curie worked hard to extract radium chloride \[(RaC{{l}_{2}})\] from uranium ore. They succeeded in 1902 after a long struggle. About 0.19 g of \[RaC{{l}_{2}}\] was extracted and its radioactivity was studied. They were awarded by the nobel prize, which they shared it with Henri Becquerel.
    (i) What are the values shown by Merrie Curie and her husband?
    (ii) The sequence of stepwise decays of a radioactive nucleus is \[D\xrightarrow{\alpha }{{D}_{1}}\xrightarrow{{{\beta }^{-}}}{{D}_{2}}\]
    If the nucleon number and atomic number of \[{{D}_{2}}\] are 176 and 71, respectively, then what are the corresponding values of D and\[{{D}_{1}}?\]
    Justify your answer in each case.


    (i) Values shown here are; dedication, hard-working nature, brilliance and cordinal relationship.
    (ii) The decays can be represented as follows:
                \[_{72}^{180}D\xrightarrow{_{2}^{4}He}_{70}^{176}{{D}_{1}}\xrightarrow{_{-1}^{0}e}\begin{matrix}    176  \\    71  \\ \end{matrix}{{D}_{2}}\]
    Nucleon number of D = 180
    Atomic number of D = 72
    Nucleon number of \[{{D}_{1}}=176\]
    Atomic number of \[{{D}_{1}}=70\]

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