12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-4

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    In Mumbai, a multistoried building, once a fire broke out at 2 : 00 AM due to some electrical problem. Ram alongwith others rushed to the spot, informed the fire department. Ram being secretary of the building decided to fix fire alarms in the building.
    (i) What values were shown by Ram?
    (ii) On which principle fire alarms work?
    Write down the equation of that principle,


    (i) Concern for society, social responsibility and aware of technology
    (ii) Fire alarms work on photoelectric effect.
    The equation of photoelectric effect, \[KE=hv-\phi \]
    where,   KE = kinetic energy of photoelectrons, hv = energy of incident radiation and       \[\phi \] = work function of the metal.

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