12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-7

  • question_answer By what percentage will the transmission range of a TV tower be affected when the height of the tower is increased by 21%?


    The transmission range, \[d=\sqrt{2R{{h}_{T}}},\] where \[{{h}_{T}}\] is the height of transmission tower. If new height, i.e. \[{{h}_{T}}'={{h}_{T}}+0.21\,{{h}_{T}}=1.21\,{{h}_{T}},\] then New transmission distance,             \[d'=\sqrt{2R.(1.21{{h}_{T}})}=1.1\sqrt{2R{{h}_{T}}}\]             = 1.1d \[\therefore \] Percentage increase in transmission range \[=\frac{d'-d}{d}\times 100=\frac{1.1d-d}{d}\times 100%=10%\]

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