12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-9

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    On a field Ram and Shyam were playing football. Suddenly, a player kicked out the ball outside the field and the ball reached an electric power substation. One of the players was planning to go and bring back the ball to the field but, Ram and Shyam stopped him saying that it is dangerous to go to the substation as warmed up body can be caught by the strong magnetic field, which is created by high voltage current in conduction of the switch yard and that may result in death.
    (i) Ram and Shyam are the students of class 12. What values do you infer from the character of Ram and Shyam?
    (ii) A current is set-up along a hollow copper pipe. Is there magnetic field
    (a) inside?         
    (b) outside the pipe?


    (i) Ram and Shyam displayed a knowledgable character having sound technical knowledge with an explaining ability to convience others even at very young age. So, we can say that both of them handled the situation ideally, with there presence of mind and helping behaviour.
    (ii) (a) There is no magnetic field inside the pipe.
    (b) There is a magnetic field outside the pipe.

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