9th Class Science Sample Paper Sample Paper - 1 Term - 1

  • question_answer What do you mean by (i) squalors epithelium and columnar epithelium? (ii) voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles?  


    (i) Squalors epithelium It is a type of epithelial tissue, which consist of extremely thin flat cells forming delicate lining e.g., esophagus and lining of mouth.  (1)                                  Columnar epithelium  It is also a type of epithelial tissue, which consists of tall cells which are pillar-like having elongated nuclei e. g., inner lining of intestine.   (1/2)         (ii) Voluntary muscles They are attached to bones and help in body movements and so called skeletal muscles. These muscles helps in all voluntary movement of body. These found in body wall, face, neck etc.                                        (1)                               Involuntary muscles These muscles do not work according to our will and occur as bundles or sheets. These are found in iris of eye, in uterus etc.           (1/2)   


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